Philo - Brand Launch

Philo Brand Launch

The Ask

Philo is an all-new live streaming service made by and for TV lovers. They came to Viewpoint looking for research and strategy to determine their positioning in the marketplace, and for creative development to help them craft a standout brand identity.

The Solve

Using audience intelligence tools like People Pattern to create actionable persona sets, conducting nationwide surveys with Survey Monkey, as well as gathering a whole lot of competitive analysis, we identified Philo’s target audiences and the kind of messaging they would be receptive to. From here, we established the brand’s key differentiators and laid out a brand mission, purpose, principals and positioning.

Transitioning to the creative phase, we worked with the Philo team to establish a brand look, tone and voice. Of particular importance was leveraging Philo’s site iconography so as to ‘lean into’ the product’s key selling points: great value, easy trial, unlimited DVR, etc. Then we generated content and promotional materials built for distribution on social feeds, partner platforms and Philo’s own website.

Brand Identity

Visual Brand Exploration

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Fun Facts:

Philo started as an internet TV service for college students.

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