Investigation Discovery - Body Cam

The Camera That Gets You Closer To The Action

The Ask

Investigation Discovery came to us looking to create a promo campaign and show open for their gripping new series capturing life on the streets of law enforcement as seen through officer body cameras.

The Solve

To bring home this message and convey just how life changing any street confrontation can be, we knew the design needed to have a deeply human component. We brought a local police officer into our studio and projected Body Cam footage onto his body as a central element for our concept. We also understood that ID viewers are passionate about the stories behind the story, so in each spot we created, we made sure to fold in interview moments expressing exactly what is going through an officer’s mind when the situation becomes its most extreme.

:15 Promo

Style Frames

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  • Client - Investigation Discovery

Fun Facts:

The series premiere of ID’s Body Cam on Tuesday, November 27, ranked as #1 in ad-supported cable for delivery of P2+ in its time slot, excluding news and sports nets, with 1.6 million in Live+3 Nielsens.

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