AMC - Better Call Saul Teaser Campaign

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The Ask

AMC’s Better Call Saul, the prequel to the Breaking Bad series, is one of the most-anticipated new shows coming to television. AMC's goal: to have a teaser campaign that would whet the appetite of fans, and generate buzz among those who might be meeting Mr. Saul Goodman for the first time.

The Solve

We created a series of teaser spots that hint at the presence of Saul, without actually showing his face. Each spot gives off an ominous vibe. There’s trouble in the air, and our pastel-shirted protagonist can’t be far away.


(TOP TO BOTTOM ) "Tingle Fingers", "Shred", "Car Wash", "Clean Shirts, Dirty Laundry" and "Mug".

Behind The Scenes

On the set of "Car Wash" (TOP ROW). Michael Middeleer, Viewpoint, Steve Newman, AMC, and Andy Lilien, DP/Director, review boards (BOTTOM LEFT). Andy blocks out the bed shot for "Tingle Fingers" (BOTTOM RIGHT).

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Fun Facts

Our tease campaign has generated just shy of one million YouTube views. The premiere averaged 6.9 million total viewers and set premiere records within the 18-49 (4.4 million) and 25-54 (4.0 million viewers) demos.

Several devices were used to make the bed in the motel room and the mirror tray on the bed vibrate, including an actual bed vibrator, our PA Bill, and a sex toy (we didn’t want to post that bts pic).

Our editor, Brian, makes a guest appearance in one of the spots. His face shows up on a number of fake drivers’ licenses set to be shredded.

Saul's license plate in the "Car Wash" spot is the actual one from the show. The Cadillac was dusted with Hershey's Cocoa to make it look as if it had just come from the desert.

Client Quote:

From ideation to the completed tease campaign, Viewpoint was an excellent creative partner. Based on "Better Call Saul," I can happily suggest, "Better call Viewpoint. Steve Newman
Creative Director, AMC

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