Cinemax - Banshee New Season Launch Tease

Smokin' Hot Drama

The Ask

Here’s a great example of how we collaborate – Cinemax came to us with the copy “There is No Smoke Without Fire” and a vision of black smoke over a white background to tease the upcoming season of their original series, Banshee. Our job was to bring it to life, making it feel mesmerizing and mysterious.

The Solve

We experimented with both live action smoke elements and particle effects before deciding to combine the two elements to create the perfect, sultry hybrid. The sinister tendrils of vapor snake and unfurl, revealing text and imagery – all set to a moody, deeply layered sound track.


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  • Client - Cinemax

Fun Facts:

The tease was also executed in Spanish, for MAX Latino: No Hay Humo Sin Fuego!

Each piece of text and imagery was independently created using custom transitions to wisp on and off in the smokiest way possible.

Client Quote:

The entire Viewpoint team was amazing to work with on this tease. They listened to our needs and were passionate through every step of the process- from ideation, to board creation, to graphics work, composition and sound design. It's one-stop shopping you can rely on! Alyson Bradshaw

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