National Geographic Channel - American War Generals Network Premiere

See It Through Their Eyes

The Ask

National Geographic Channel tells real stories with more cred and better access than anyone else. Their latest special, “American War Generals” is no exception. Our job was to demonstrate the rare opportunity viewers would have to hear directly from our nation’s highest-ranking living generals on a completely new and candid level.

The Solve

“American War Generals’” TV and banner campaign is edited and designed to be direct, honest and gut-wrenchingly real. The generals appear on camera and speak unflinchingly about America’s most recent conflicts – the good, the bad and the ugly. We used original 3D macro elements of generals’ uniforms to appear like landscapes where the battles took place, signifying the field commanders on whose shoulders these difficult conflicts rested.

Washington Post Page Takeover


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  • Client - National Geographic Channel

Fun Fact:

Our creative director on this project modeled as the general for the graphic end page. Now we can't get him to take off the jacket. (Guess we should have seen that coming.)

Client Quote:

We love working with Viewpoint – they make everything easy, and are the rare company that can deliver great graphics, edit, and mix from concept to completion. Their collaborative spirit has made them a great creative partner on some of our big campaigns. Andy Baker

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