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An American Murder Mystery

The Ask

ID Channel originally approached us to create a launch campaign for a three-part television special on the Casey Anthony murder investigation. What started as a one-off special turned into a full series, which became branded as the ‘An American Murder Mystery’ franchise. The series would give viewers an inside look at some of the most talked about murder investigations in American history.

The Solve

Over the past year we created promotional trailers for An American Murder Mystery specials including Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson, and most recently Jodi Arias. In addition to developing the overall campaign look, we provided turn-key creative including, scripting, graphics, animation and editorial and mix. It was important for the specials to have a cohesive look to tie them together as one easily identifiable series. The graphics color scheme included white, blue, and red, text and neutral title cards. Each end card features the series' main offender over a grey background and is set to an eerie music score. The four promos have collectively received over 320k video views on the Investigation Discovery official Facebook page.

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Fun Facts:

The premiere of Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery drew in 2.9 million viewers making it the best telecast premiere and best series debut in ID Channel's history!

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