National Geographic Channel - America Inside Out With Katie Couric

America Inside Out With Katie Couric

The Ask

National Geographic needed help promoting their newest show “America Inside Out with Katie Couric” across on-air and social. They wanted to show viewers that this is Katie Couric like you’d never seen her before, outside the studio and talking to real Americans on both sides of today’s biggest hot-button issues. And they wanted creative concepts that didn’t pull punches, that made the viewer uncomfortable while also inviting them to participate in conversation — a tricky line to walk, to be sure.

The Solve

From the scripting and the shoot location to the editorial and sound design, we wanted each element to feel bold, direct and emotionally raw. But we also wanted each piece of creative to end with an invitation to start talking — and listening — more, both out in the world and on social media with the hashtag #KeepTalking.


:15 Promo

Social Content

Style Frames

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  • Client - National Geographic Channel

Fun Facts:

The empty loft space in the Bronx where we filmed the promos used to print paper stocks for the stock exchange back in the 1920s.

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