A+E - 60 Days In Season 2 Launch

The Politics of Prison

The Ask

A&E was looking to make a dramatic impression as their hit show, 60 Days In, returned for a second season. They wanted to leverage the show’s critical acclaim and shocking content, while also establishing its mission to help reform the prison system. All in a single spot that felt unified and logical.

The Solve

In this heated political season, prison reform is a major topic, and one of the rare issues on which both sides can find common ground. We proposed highlighting the relevance of the issue by kicking off the spot with a mash-up of sound bytes from leading politicians. From there, we introduced the new participants and their motives for taking part in this risky experiment. Punctuated with gritty yet stylish graphics, viewers then get a frantic glimpse at shocking, visceral moments from the show. It soon becomes clear that the participants’ noble intentions will only get them so far in this real-life nail biter.

Critics - Fan Spot

60 Days In Viewpoint Style - Part 1

60 Days In Viewpoint Style - Part 2

Design Exploration

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Cablefax Trailer Awards - Drama

Fun Facts

Viewers' online response to 60 Days In has been remarkable, with impassioned fans sparking debate and discussion about America's prison system on Facebook and Twitter.

After working on this intense project, we couldn't help but lighten the mood by creating our own interrogation-style videos asking our staff if they would be able to handle 60 days in the slammer. Spoiler: Most likely not.

Client Quote:

Viewpoint is a fantastic creative partner. They bring top-notch thinking, design and editorial to every project. On top of that, they are simply great to work with. No matter what we throw at them, we know they'll be happy to talk it out and then dive in. This approach was especially vital for 60 Days In. We wanted a piece that struck both an intellectual and emotional chord. Oh, and it also needed to capture the chaos of life behind bars. Not an easy feat, but as always, they made it happen. Dave Bouffard
Creative Director

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