Clarks - 2018 Product Line Videos

Clarks - 2018 Product Line Videos

The Ask

Clarks partnered with Viewpoint to produce over 220 product web videos for their 2018 season. Their purpose would be to spotlight the style, their features, and provide wardrobe samples to show how the footwear can be paired. Clarks only used still photography on their website to showcase the details and designs of their footwear, and wanted to take their offerings to the next level by including videos of real people moving in and showcasing their shoes. Not only would this help customers see how the shoes look and move in real life, they could also get styling inspiration by seeing what outfits and accessories pair well with the shoes.

The Solve

Volume Digital Content (VDC) plays an important role in online retail sales. Online shoppers want to see as much of a ‘live' product as possible before making a purchase. Three styles of videos were produced; “360”, which simply highlighted the look and style of the shoe. “tech”, which showcased specific features of the shoes. And “how-to-wear’, which featured a single shoe paired with three different wardrobe ensembles and accessories to complete the look.

With such a large quantity of inventory and videos, it was crucial to design the most efficient production approach possible and at the same time keep a very high production value. Utilizing our internal studio as a mini-runway and a two-camera set-up, we shot approximately 15-25 videos per day depending on the style of the video and had over 230 wardrobe changes for the season. Tracking and organizing the product details, wardrobe combinations, talent, deliverables and overall schedule of the videos was a full-time job in itself. To assist with the tracking of all of the elements and make sure all "the boxes were all checked”, we designed a browser-based real-time database accessible by both Viewpoint and Clarks' teams. Anyone on either side could access the database and update information as it rolled in and as needed. And plenty of information there was; product name, product image, code, color, style, gender, wardrobe, video type, sub-brand, talent associated with each shoe. It was all there ready to go. There was even a formula to develop a shot list with all of the details at the click of a button.


How To Wear


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The Database

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Fun Facts:

4 boxes of Swiffer dry clothes and 15 bottles of canned air were used to remove every speck of dust from the shoes and floor. We wanted to keep everything in pristine condition!

We played an eclectic range of music while shooting in our studio to keep our models pumped up! Some of the music stations we played included:
- 60s Oldies Radio
- Rihanna Radio
- Band of Horses Radio
- 50 Cent Radio
- TLC Radio

Client Quote:

Viewpoint made sure that everything from the floor, to the styling, to the lighting was on point. Viewpoint really hit it on the head with everything! Donna Leung
Creative Director
Clarks Americas

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